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Dr. Salif Arif is a dentist with an extremely incorrect conduct to people, who always supported him in his education and professional development. Until he was a student, he came to the dental office of Ralev Dental Inc - Bulgaria. He was searching for a job as a dental assistant and as a dentist later - when he graduated dentistry in the University of Plovdiv. Dr. Ventsleslav Ralev liked him because of his interest to the oral and maxillofacial surgery, so the future dr. Arif started a job in the dental clinic of dr. Ralev. After a few years the situation changed dramatically and dr. Ralev was really sorry for supporting such incorrect people.

What happened really? The company owned by dr. Ralev - Ralev Dental Incorporated - is a importer of the dental products of Neobiotech - South Korea. Until dr. Arif was working in the Ralev Dental company, he created good relations with the Neobiotech staff. He was travelling everywhere with dr. Ralev, of course his air-plane and hotel tickets were paid by Ralev Dental Inc. In June 2015 dr. Lazarevski and dr. Arif left the company Ralev Dental - nobody is angry about that, however, they took all of the contacts created by Ralev Dental and gave them to another company - Medical Park, Plovdiv, which later started importing Neobiotech products too. Dr. Ventseslav Ralev is a member of the Bulgarian Libertarian Society - he is totally libertarian and talked always against any restriction of any market in the world. So is the market of implant products - as every market in any other topic, it should be completely free without any restrictions. This would be good for everybody - for dentists, for patients, and for dealers of implant products too. But, libertarian theory and practice is one thing, theft of somebody's efforts, time and money is another thing. All of the market competitors should be equal, make the same efforts and start from the same initial position. Everybody knows, to develop a market of a such specific product like a dental implant is something that takes a lot of time, money and efforts; to work for one company and after that go to another one with taking all your contacts and knowledge is a real theft! Please, note that dr. Arif acquired his knowledge in implantology in Ralev Dental, absolutely for free and on a high level - something that could not be a problem at all, except he uses all of that against people who gave so much to him, absolutely for free. In this way the other importer of Neobiotech - Medical Park - started not from level zero, but used and still uses all of the job, done by dr. Ralev and his team. A classical case of a robbery! The problem is even much bigger - dr. Lazarevski and dr. Arif have given a wrong information to Neobiotech about dr. Ralev - about his business abilities, his business mind, and his economical possibilities to import dental products and to develop a market. Neobiotech staff members are not stupid - they see all of the hard work, done by dr. Ralev and his team, but when there is an insider from one company, which insider gives you more information (completely wrong in that case), this changes the situation! So you are looking to your trade partners in completely another light. The company reputation is one of the most expensive non material actives of any company in the world and such incorrect people like dr. Lazarevski and dr. Arif could damage many efforts, done by years of people who really love their work.

So, what happened after that? The story is really funny, because there is an insider from Medical Park, which insider gives a lot of information to dr. Ralev - what happens in Medical Park, what these people intend to do and how they will start selling implants in Bulgaria. Dr. Erkan, the owner of Medical Park, is mr. Nobody on the Bulgarian Dental Market - he never placed an implant in his life, until he met dr. Lazarevski. The same was the situation with dr. Arif - he did not knew much about implantology before he started his job by Ralev Dental Inc. The market of dental implants is very specific - the implant is not a diamond bur and to sell implants, you must have very big knowledge, clinical experience, excellent reputation as a surgeon and much more. Something, that dr. Erkan for sure does not have! So, he needs a consultant for the Neobiotech implant system - and dr. Lazarevski and dr. Arif will be his consultants. But, they will not get any single dollar or euro for their job there until they wipe out Ralev Dental Inc. from the market of dental implants in Bulgaria. That is why the story is funny - they think that when they talk lies to Neobiotech staff, the people there are so stupid and will stop giving products to Ralev Dental. The problem is that Neobiotech team is not stupid - they see who developed the market, who created the reputation of Neobiotech products in Bulgaria and who maked this implant system so famous! It was not dr. Erkan. Now Neobiotech is number one implant system on the Bulgarian market, number one in the count of sold implants and in their value in Bulgarian leva, and this is due to the hard work of dr. Ventseslav Ralev and his team. To wipe out such a team from a market is something like to fight with a sword against a Second World War tank :-))).

To be honest, dr. Salif Arif is a good boy. His problem is that he is taking too much care what dr. Lazarevski says and what he tells him to do. So dr. Lazarevski is the initiator of all stupid jobs, done by these two incorrect persons - dr. Arif is just following his best friend with the hope that he is very smart and knows how to get money without too much efforts. But this is "A mission impossible" in the contemporary world of free markets and free economics, providing cheap and good quality products and services to everybody.

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Dr. Salif Arif was born on 22.12.1987 in Kardjali, where he completed his secondary education at Professional School of Economics "Aleko Konstantinov". He graduated successfully his higher education in 2012  from The Faculty of Dental Medicine part of Medical University of Plovdiv where he achieve Masters of Science in Dental Medicine degree. Already in his early student years he realize the need for additional qualification courses in addition to obligatory training courses and exercises scheduled at Faculty educational program, and with the starting clinical practice exercises and treatment of his first patients he has convinced in this. Adhering to the thesis that a doctor who has ceased to be a student ceases to be a doctor. Strive for continuous improvement in professional aspect, therefore during his studies and then he attended to a number of courses, lectures and seminars. He doesn't underestimate any share of Stomatology (nowadays Dental Medicine), but of particular interest appears to prosthetic dentistry, oral surgery and in particular of dental implantology. Dr. Arif is a member of the BDA (Bulgarian Dental Association), member of the BAED(Bulgarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry), a member of the portal to Online Dental Education Community  and continuing training programs DentalXP Community.

Courses (practical and theoretical) lectures and seminars attended by Dr. Salif Arif:

1. Sixth Congress of the BAED(Bulgarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry). Theme of the Congress "Conservative Esthetics for An Immediate Smile Makeover" , lecturer: Dr. Ronald Goldstein, USA, held on: 22.10.2010


2. Theoretical and practical course for KOS, Hexacone and BCS implants - course host: Dr. Werner Mander, Austria, during: 16 - 17.04.2011

3. Course of the BAED(Bulgarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry) - "Periodontal and surgical techniques to improve aesthetics" - lecturer: Prof.Dr. Mehmet Cenk Haytaç, held on: 08.10.2011

4. Course to work with Straumann MembraGel - lecturer: Dr. Stefan Peev, held on: 25.11.2011

5. Webinar course entitled - "Immediate placement of dental implants" , lecturer: Dr. Ahmed Ayoub, President of Egyptian Society of oral Implant, 15.12.2011

 6. Course of educational programs for dentists - "Adhesive technologies: contemporary overview and standing" , lecturer and demonstrator: Dr. Petar Duchev, held on: 03.03.2012

7. Course for Dentium and NeoBiotech implant systems and systems for lifting the maxillary sinus floor with lateral and crestal approach , lecturer: Dr. Ventseslav Ralev, held on: 10.03.2012

8. Course of the BAED(Bulgarian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry) - "Prosthetic treatment Immediate loaded implants" , lecturer: Dr. Stanislava Misci, Boston USA, held on: 10.07.2012

9. First National Endodontic Forum, lecturer: Dr.Arnaldo Castellucci, Italy, during: 21 - 23.09.2012

10. Practical course in SDM(Sofia Dental Meeting) 2012 - "Different techniques of bone - graft phase before implantology treatment" - including a variety of techniques for bone reconstruction prior to implantation, such as techniques for taking bone from the symphysis and ramus of the mandible. Lecturer and demonstrator: Dr. Michel Jabbour, France, held on: 29.09.2012

11. Seminar on Implantology Neobiotech and partners first meeting

Protocol to work with: Neo CMI Implant; sets for sinuslifting with crest SCA kit and lateral access SLA kit; sets for removal of failed implants  Neo Fixture Remover Kit and broken covering screws  Neo Screw Remover Kit; bone cutter (ACM) to collect autogenous bone Neo Auto Chip Maker; sets for guided bone regeneration GBR kit; different types of titanium membranes CTi-mem; different techniques to treat periimplantitis, including the development of Neobiotech iBrush to clean the iplant surface.

Lecturer and demonstrator: Dr. Young-Ku Heo, Seoul South Korea, Boston United States, during: 24 - 25.11.2012

12. Seminar for dentists - "Porcelain Veneers" lecture and practical demonstration. lecturers: Dr. Rosen Venelinov and Dr. Radoslav Asparouhov, held on: 01.12.2012

13.Lectures on - "Implantation on the background of periodontitis. Chance or barrier?" , lecturer: Dr. Attila Horvath, Budapest Hungary, held on: 20.04.2013

14. Seminar on Implantology Neobiotech and partners second meeting, lecturer: Dr. Kent Hwang, Los Angeles California USA, during: 11 - 12.05.2013

15. 2013 Neobiotech International Symposium - Innovations in Implant Dentistry, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea


From June 2012 Dr. Arif became a part of Ralev Dental team (they work together with Dr. Lazarevski, Dr.Markova-Raleva, Dr. Ralev, Dr. Markov) and provide all the services in the field of dental medicine, which can be carried out in ambulatory conditions.


Location of our practice: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, str."L.Karavelov 9B", 5 floor, office No.7

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